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.NET 8 Preview 4 Boosts Native AOT, Blazor 'Streaming Rendering'

Microsoft's fourth preview of .NET 8 continues to boost native native Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation, while Blazor gets streaming component rendering.

Allen Conway on Choosing Between Angular/React/Vue for Building a Modern Web Client App

This is a crucial consideration as it has a major impact on the long-term development of a company or project. So the importance of knowing how to make an informed decision on which path to choose can't be understated.

Server-Side Blazor Component Rendering ('Blazor United') Comes to .NET 8

"This is the beginnings of the Blazor unification effort to enable using Blazor components for all your web UI needs, client-side and server-side."

Microsoft Intros Native AOT for ASP.NET Core

In the new .NET 8 Preview 3, Microsoft introduced initial support for native Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation in the framework's web-dev component, ASP.NET Core.

How to Build Fast and Reusable Blazor Code with Microsoft's Jeffrey T. Fritz

Building reusable components with Microsoft's full-stack web-dev framework, Blazor, relieves the drudgery of writing the same code over and over again.

ASP.NET Core Dev Team Launches 'Blazor United' Push for .NET 8

Shortly after Blazor creator Steve Sanderson wowed web-devs with a new prototype project called Blazor United and solicited feedback on its viability, Microsoft flipped the switch and put it on the roadmap for .NET 8.

Philip Japikse's Deep Dive into Web Services with ASP.NET Core

Renowned web-dev expert to dive into the foundations of ASP.NET Core, building RESTful services with ASP.NET Core and documenting services with Swagger.

JetBrains Dev Report: TypeScript Is Fastest-Growing Programming Language

After being recognized as ONE of the fastest-growing programming languages in last year's developer report from dev tooling specialist JetBrains, Microsoft's TypeScript was named THE fastest-growing language this year.

JavaScript Survey: Devs Want Static Typing (and Favor TypeScript over Vanilla JS)

The latest State of JavaScript survey confirms findings from previous editions: Developers like and want static typing for the super-popular programming language. What's more, they're more likely to use statically typed TypeScript 100 percent of the time rather than dynamically typed vanilla JavaScript.

Visual Studio 'Port Forwarding' Now 'Dev Tunnels,' So What's a Dev Tunnel?

A private preview of Visual Studio port forwarding in ASP.NET Core web-dev projects has turned into a public preview of dev tunnels, Microsoft announced this week. So what's a dev tunnel?

Containerized Blazor: Microsoft Ponders New Client-Side Hosting

"If you are doing #Blazor Wasm projects that are NOT aspnet-hosted, how are you hosting them? Would this be useful for you -- comment on the issue and what you might expect in the containerization of a Blazor Wasm project?

Microsoft Power Pages Launches for Low-Code Business Web Sites

"The Design Studio enables makers to easily create modern, data-centric business web sites for desktop or mobile without writing a single line of code."

OpenSilver Gets Closer to Open Source Parity with Long-Dead Microsoft Silverlight

OpenSilver 1.0 arrived a year ago on the same exact date that Microsoft Silverlight's official support life ended, providing an open source alternative to the developer favorite that effectively died years earlier. Now, it has been updated to v1.1, getting closer to feature parity with the framework it was designed to replace.

No Need to Wait for .NET 8 to Try Experimental WebAssembly Multithreading

Multithreading support for client-side Blazor WebAssembly apps is planned for .NET 8 in November 2023, but developers can try it out now for .NET apps thanks to experimental functionality in the brand-new .NET 7 Release Candidate 2.

Q&A on Entity Framework for Enterprise Applications with Ben Day

What do you do when your simple EF app isn't so simple anymore and entity relationships are getting complex and you're getting worried about performance problems. Can you even use EF in a high-performance, scalable web application?

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