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OpenSilver 3.0 Framework for .NET Gets UI by AI

A new AI-powered UI designer highlights the new release of OpenSilver 3.0, a free, open-source UI framework for building modern .NET web applications in C# and XAML, basically a reimplementation of Microsoft Silverlight that runs on current browsers via WebAssembly.

What's New in TypeScript 5.5, Now Generally Available

Microsoft shipped the latest iteration of its type-infused superset of JavaScript, TypeScript 5.5, introducing inferred type predicates, control flow narrowing, JSDoc @import and other enhancements.

New .NET 9 Templates for Blazor Hybrid, .NET MAUI

Microsoft's fifth preview of .NET 9 nods at AI development while also introducing new templates for some of the more popular project types, including Blazor Hybrid and .NET MAUI.

What's Next for ASP.NET Core and Blazor

Since its inception as an intriguing experiment in leveraging WebAssembly to enable dynamic web development with C#, Blazor has evolved into a mature, fully featured framework. Integral to the ASP.NET Core ecosystem, Blazor offers developers a unique combination of server-side rendering and rich client-side interactivity.

Microsoft Axing VBScript in Favor of JavaScript/PowerShell: Here's the Timeline

Microsoft is deprecating VBScript in favor of "more advanced" alternatives like JavaScript and PowerShell in a three-phase plan that looks like it will wrap up shortly after 2027 or so.

Progress Telerik .NET Dev Tools Integrate Gen AI Prompts

Progress shipped an update to its Telerik .NET-centric dev tools suite that facilitates generative AI integration into apps.

OpenSilver 2.2 Aims to Revive Visual Studio LightSwitch Legacy Apps

OpenSilver 2.2 debuted today with a focus on helping developers revive Visual Studio LightSwitch legacy applications

Full Stack Hands-On Development with .NET

In the fast-paced realm of modern software development, proficiency across a full stack of technologies is not just beneficial, it's essential. Microsoft has an entire stack of open source development components in its .NET platform (formerly known as .NET Core) that can be used to build an end-to-end set of applications.

Creating Reactive Applications in .NET

In modern applications, data is being retrieved in asynchronous, real-time streams, as traditional pull requests where the clients asks for data from the server are becoming a thing of the past.

Blazor Creator Unveils 'Smart Components' for Adding AI to .NET Apps

Microsoft's Steve Sanderson, the creator of Blazor, introduced his latest pet project, Smart Components for easy AI-driven interfaces in .NET apps.

Geographically Visualizing Customer Data with Blazor and ArcGIS

Whether you're analyzing sales territories, monitoring environmental changes, or tracking the spread of diseases, geospatial visualization provides a holistic view that goes beyond mere numbers.

'F# Meets XAML' in Open Source Silverlight Alternative, OpenSilver 2.1

"The integration of F# in OpenSilver 2.1 bridges the gap between functional programming and the development of rich, interactive web UIs."

Mastering Application Testing: Scaling and Continuous UI Testing with Playwright

Embracing automated testing is crucial for achieving technical resilience in modern applications, and for web UI testing that embrace is easier with Microsoft's Playwright.

dtSearch Enhances ASP.NET Core Functionality

Enterprise search specialist dtSearch enhanced ASP.NET Core functionality in the latest update to its flagship product.

Color Shards

Microsoft on Blazor WebAssembly Debugging Feedback: 'That Sounds Awful!'

Microsoft's Daniel Roth took to X (Twitter) to garner feedback on Blazor WebAssembly client-side debugging and received an earful in response, including complaints about associated Hot Reload functionality.

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