Code Focused

To Comment or Not to Comment

On VB columnist Joe Kunk explores the benefits and drawbacks of commenting source code, and finds that the answer is not as clear cut as many might think.

5 Traps to Avoid in Visual Basic

Visual Basic .NET possesses naturally expressive syntax that is almost always clear in its intent. Even so, there are still surprises in Visual Basic that can trip up even experienced VB developers.

Using Memory-Mapped Files in the .NET Framework 4

Find out how to use memory-mapped files to index and search the contents of document collections.

Extending Enum

The Enum or enumeration is one of the fundamental constructs in the .NET Framework, serving as an easy-to-remember set of names for a series of fixed values that are logically related. It turns out that there is a surprising amount to know about the Enum construct.

How to Validate Forms with ASP.NET MVC 2 Data Annotations

Simplify the task of validating Web form input by using attributes. If standard validators don't meet your needs, you can create custom data annotations for richer validations.

How to Get Oriented with a New Database

On VB author Joe Kunk shows how you can quickly discover the orientation of an unknown database using dynamic queries.

When Hexadecimal is Just Not Enough

Joe Kunk looks at how to manage a numeric system that extends to the entire alphabet.

Experiencing C# from a VB Developer's Perspective

On VB author Joe Kunk talks about his impression of C#.

Backup On Build: Source Code Assurance (Part 2)

On VB author Joe Kunk provides a look into the code behind his automated source code backup solution.

Backup on Build: Source Code Assurance

On VB author Joe Kunk looks into how an automated source code backup utility can provide a vital, extra level of protection in team-based projects.

What's New in Visual Basic 2010

With the release of Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4, it's time for Visual Basic developers to start leveraging the new capabilities of Visual Basic 2010.

Use Microsoft Word as a Report Writer from Silverlight 4

On VB columnist Joe Kunk shows you how to use the power of Silverlight 4 COM automation and local file system access to turn Microsoft Word into a report writer for Silverlight.

Calling Win32 API Functions in Visual Basic 2010

Sometimes your best option is to bypass the .NET Framework and make function calls to the native Win32 API.

Types and Tuples in .NET 4

Visual Basic 10 introduces new generic tuple classes that can help you get more done with less -- if you're careful about it.

Threading and the UI

ON VB: Four ways to synchronize threads with your app's user interface.

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