What's Coming in VS 2022 v17.7 for Productivity, .NET/Cloud, C++ and More

With Visual Studio v17.6 becoming generally available recently, Microsoft provided a peek at what's coming up in the next iteration, VS 2022 v17.7

Developer Feedback Shapes New Visual Studio 'Welcome Experience'

Dev team shows how Welcome revamp was first presented and then how it was shaped by community feedback.

New Features in Generally Available TypeScript 5.1

Microsoft released TypeScript 5.1, introducing several new features and performance improvements that aim to enhance the developer experience and productivity of the programming language that adds types to JavaScript.

What's New for Java Developers in Visual Studio Code

Microsoft's regular monthly update to Java on Visual Studio Code (May 2023) brings new features around performance improvement, the user experience and Spring Boot integration, among many others.

Build 2023: What Are New Dev Home, Dev Drive and Dev Box?

Emphasizing its "dev" focus, Microsoft trumpeted its Dev Home, Dev Drive and Dev Box offerings at its Build 2023 developer conference this week.

Build 2023: Tell Power Apps to 'Add a Screen,' 'Change the Color' and More

It's getting easier to use natural language to have AI create your low-code business apps.

Microsoft Build 2023: Copilots & Plugins

Two major themes permeating the conference are copilots -- AI assistants across a broad swath of products and services -- and plugins, which effectively transform copilots into aggregators, potentially making them one-stop shops for both enterprise and consumer customers.

AI at Build 2023: Microsoft Q&A Gets Assist, AI Training Announced

Among the many AI-related announcements at this week's Microsoft Build 2023 developer conference is a new AI-powered "Q&A Assist" tool for the Microsoft Q&A site, along with new updated AI training and documentation.

Microsoft Updates Dev Box Cloud Service for GA in July

At Build 2023, Microsoft revealed updates for Dev Box, a cloud-based developer workstation service.

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Build 2023 Dev Conference to Detail Semantic Kernel (AI LLM Integration)

Amid daily buzz about advanced AI, Microsoft is devoting two sessions at next week's Build 2023 developer conference to its open source Semantic Kernel offering, which helps developers use AI large language models (LLMs) in their apps.

.NET 8 Preview 4 Boosts Native AOT, Blazor 'Streaming Rendering'

Microsoft's fourth preview of .NET 8 continues to boost native native Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation, while Blazor gets streaming component rendering.

Visual Studio 2022 v17.6 Released

Microsoft announced the general availability of Visual Studio 2022 v17.6, bringing a host of new features, improvements and bug fixes to the flagship IDE.

Accepted for GitHub Copilot Chat? How to Get Started and What You Can Do

So you've finally been plucked off the GitHub Copilot chat waitlist. Now what?

Uno Platform VS Code Extension Adds Mobile Debugging

Uno Platform, which offers a framework for building cross-platform applications with .NET, announced a new version of its Visual Studio Code extension that adds mobile targeting.

See What's Coming in Visual Studio 2022 UI Design Refresh

Microsoft announced a series of UI updates for Visual Studio 2022 aimed at improving visual cohesion, accessibility, productivity and customization of the IDE, as well as aligning it with the Microsoft Fluent design language.

Visual Studio Code Java: What's New in April 2023?

VS Code Java update in April 2023 brings new features and enhancements for Maven, debugging, project explorer and Spring Boot.

GitHub Code Search Now Generally Available, 'Way More than grep'

Following a two-year effort that involved an invite-only, 17-month technology preview, GitHub Code Search is now generally available.

New VS Code Tool: StarCoderEx (AI Code Generator)

StarCoder, a new open-access large language model (LLM) for code generation from ServiceNow and Hugging Face, is now available for Visual Studio Code, positioned as an alternative to GitHub Copilot.

Visual Studio Code v1.78 (April 2023) Sees New Color Themes, Color Picker

Visual Studio Code v1.78 (April 2023 update) is out with a host of minor improvements, including two that involve colors.

.NET Upgrade Assistant Now Works with .NET MAUI, Azure Functions

Microsoft added .NET MAUI and Azure Functions support to its .NET Upgrade Assistant, which helps developers upgrade any .NET application to the latest version of .NET from right inside the Visual Studio 2022 IDE.

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