VS Code Java Team Details 5 Best Dev Practices

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code team for Java development added a new Coding Pack for Java installer and detailed best practices for setting up a development environment.

Blazor Debugging Boosted in .NET 5 RC 2

In highlighting updates to ASP.NET Core in the just-launched second and final Release Candidate of .NET 5, Microsoft pointed out better debugging for Blazor, the red-hot project that allows for C# coding of web projects.

Block Stack

Final Go-Live .NET 5 Release Candidate Ships Ahead of Nov. 10 Debut

Having been deemed "feature complete" and "near final" and "go live" for some time now, .NET 5 is out in a second and final Release Candidate, scheduled for a Nov. 10 debut during .NET Conf 2020.

Edge Browser Dev Tools for VS Code Now Generally Available

Microsoft has moved its Edge browser development tools for Visual Studio Code from preview to general availability, providing in-editor web site debugging and other functionality.

Microsoft Is Leader in API Management, Seen as Key to Post-Pandemic 'New Normal'

Microsoft is among the leaders in new report on API management, which research firm Gartner sees as key in helping companies thrive in the "new normal" to follow the COVID-19 pandemic.

For ASP.NET Core in .NET 6, Devs Want AOT Compilation

ASP.NET Core dev team puts out GitHub call to action to vote on features wanted in .NET 6 next year, and AOT leads the pack so far.

What's New in Visual Studio Code September 2020 Update

Updates range from an accessible settings editor to a tutorial on how to create a reusable Docker container to match your development environment.

Xamarin.Essentials Mobile-Centric APIs Add macOS Desktop Support

APIs now work with top mobile platforms, along with watchOS, tvOS, Tizen and desktop platforms: UWP and macOS.

Bridge to Kubernetes Simplifies Microservice Development in Visual Studio/VS Code

New Bridge to Kubernetes extensions available for Visual Studio and VS Code simplify microservice development by bridging a local dev machine to specific dependencies in remote clusters.

Microsoft Announces Playwright for Python Web Testing Tool

The Playwright tool that automates web testing for JavaScript applications is now out in preview for Python.

VS Code Favorite Python Closes In on Java in Popularity Ranking

The Visual Studio Code dev team was apparently on to something when it went all in on Python several years ago: It's poised to upend perennial No. 2 Java in the popular TIOBE Index of programming language popularity.

.NET Interactive Now Does .NET Notebooks with VS Code

.NET Interactive users can now use a new Visual Studio Code Insiders experience to work with .NET Notebooks, in addition to other notebook options including Jupyter and nteract.

Code Small with C# in .NET nanoFramework for Embedded Systems

The .NET Foundation announced a new open source project under its direction, the .NET nanoFramework, which allows for C# coding in Visual Studio for constrained embedded devices.

Blazor Guru Details Best Performance Practices

Microsoft's point man on the Blazor project -- and basically the creator of the project -- Steve Sanderson, is detailing performance best practices for the web development framework that uses C# instead of JavaScript.

Microsoft Retools WPF Open Source Effort After Negative Feedback

After a GitHub survey about its .NET open source efforts yielded negative feedback, Microsoft is retooling its efforts for the most problematic repo, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Xamarin.Forms 5 Preview Ships Ahead of .NET 6 Transition to MAUI

Microsoft shipped a pre-release version of Xamarin.Forms 5 ahead of a planned transition to MAUI, which will take over beginning with the release of .NET 6 in November 2021.

ML.NET Improves Object Detection

Microsoft improved the object detection capabilities of its ML.NET machine learning framework for .NET developers, adding the ability to train custom models with Model Builder in Visual Studio.

More Improvements for VS Code's New Python Language Server

Microsoft announced more improvements for the new Python language server for Visual Studio Code, Pylance, specializing in rich type information.

Death of the Dev Machine?

Here's a takeaway from this week's Ignite 2020 event: An advanced Azure cloud portends the death of the traditional, high-powered dev machine packed with computing, memory and storage components.

COVID-19 Is Ignite 2020's Elephant in the Room: 'Frankly, It Sucks'

As in all things of our new reality, there was no escaping the drastic changes in routine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic during Microsoft's big Ignite 2020 developer/IT pro conference, this week shifted to an online-only event after drawing tens of thousands of in-person attendees in years past.

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