12 Simple .NET MAUI Do's and Don'ts

A handy list of .NET MAUI "do's and don'ts" was yesterday provided to viewers of the latest .NET MAUI Community Standup video hosted by Microsoft's Maddy Montaquila and David Ortinau.

Devs Can Now Just Say 'Hey Code' to Start Copilot Chat in VS Code

Leveraging new accessibility functionality, a new voice command feature in Visual Studio Code lets devs initiate a session with GithHub Copilot Chat simply by saying "Hey Code."

What's New in Java Tooling for VS Code and Azure

Microsoft this week detailed new features for its Java tooling, both in its Visual Studio Code extension and the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ.

New GitHub Copilot Chat AI Features Help Set the Intent: 'This Is the Future'

Newly GA Chat tool gets update with slash commands and context variables to help developers get focused answers on code from within the IDE.

New GitHub Copilot Research Finds 'Downward Pressure on Code Quality'

"We find disconcerting trends for maintainability."

Microsoft Asks Devs About Visual Studio Pet Peeves: 'Don't Get Me Started'

While the complaints are numerous and vociferous, Microsoft's Mads Kristensen took pains to reply to many, sometimes educating users on how to immediately solve their issues, sometimes pointing out where they can vote on relevant feature requests to solve the peeves, sometimes commiserating.

Use Azure Quantum 'Playground' to Explore New v1.0 Dev Kit

Despite reaching v1.0, it's described as an early preview with much more work to be done, more than six years after its debut.

Microsoft: Study Proves Investing in 'DevEx' Pays Off

Microsoft says organizational focus on improving the overall developer experience -- as opposed to traditional developer productivity/velocity measurements -- pays off, according to new research.

'All-in-One Search' Leads New Visual Studio Productivity Features

Microsoft's' string of productivity improvements in Visual Studio 2022 over the past year have continued in v17.9 Preview 3, shipped last week.

Microsoft Issues 'Special Invitation' to Visual Studio Live! Developer Conference

Microsoft announced a "special invitation with a" "sweet offer" to developers attending the upcoming Visual Studio Live! developer conference in Las Vegas, headlined by the company's expert developers.

Among Hundreds of AI Tools for VS Code, GitHub Copilot Chat Explodes

Number of installs has grown some 1,770 percent since we last checked, and it's now the second-most popular AI tool behind original GitHub Copilot.

Microsoft PowerToys Getting New PowerShell Module

Microsoft is polishing up a new PowerToys utility to improve the user experience on PowerShell in Windows 10 and 11 by suggesting installations of missing components through WinGet packages.

GitHub Copilot Chat Heralds Speech as 'New Universal Programming Language'

GitHub Copilot Chat is delivered as extensions for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio, with the VS Code tool much more popular (nearly 6 million installs compared with 191,183 for the IDE version).

New Tool Helps Migrate On-Premises .NET Apps to Azure Cloud

Debuting with the unwieldy moniker "Azure Migrate application and code assessment tool for .NET" (shortened to AppCAT), it helps developers assess a .NET app's code, configurations and binaries to smooth the migration process.

Microsoft's Semantic Kernel SDK Ships with AI Agents, Plugins, Planners and Personas

Microsoft's Semantic Kernel AI SDK has new documentation to explain its capability to create AI agents that can interact with users, answer questions, call existing code, automate processes and perform various other tasks.

Visual Studio Devs Ask Santa for Debugging Gifts

Microsoft is always soliciting feedback to help guide its development tooling efforts, most recently asking developers to weigh in with their requests to Santa for new debugging functionality in the form of a "debug-tastic" gift.

VS Code Used to Survey Go Devs, Who Name VS Code No. 1 Editor

As we have reported before, Microsoft's super-popular Visual Studio Code is the No. 1 code editor for multiple programming languages, and Google's Go is on that list.

TIOBE Index Predicts C# as 2023 'Language of the Year' After 2022 Near-Miss

Microsoft's C# programming language led the race to be named "programming language of the year" for 2022 by the TIOBE Index before being overtaken at the very end, but it's expected to attain the throne this year.

Visual Studio Dev Team Wraps 2023 with v17.9 Preview 2

New features and functionality boost productivity, C++ game development and .NET/C# (.NET MAUI).

Python in Visual Studio Code Enhances Debugging

The December 2023 update to Python in Visual Studio Code introduces several new features, including configurable debugging options that are now available on the Run button menu.

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