Why Download Visual Studio/VS Code from Microsoft Store?

"Is there any advantage to installing them through the Windows Store rather than normally?"

Azure SDK: Goodbye QnA Maker, Hello AI 'Question Answering'

The regular monthly update to Microsoft's Azure SDK improves Cognitive Services text analytics, specifically with a new Question Answering SDK that supplants QnA Maker.


GitHub Ditches macOS for Codespaces, Now Offered for Team/Enterprise Testing

GitHub has ditched its local macOS development model in favor of its new Codespaces cloud-hosted service, which is now available for try-out to customers on Team and Enterprise cloud plans.

.NET MAUI Layouts Revamped, Developers Question Lack of Linux

New layouts were announced in .NET MAUI Preview 7, and some developers are still questioning the lack of Linux support in Microsoft's next-gen evolution of Xamarin.Forms.

Is AI Coming for Your Dev Job or Not? A Tale of Two Surveys

Will advanced AI robots replace professional software developers? Depends on who you ask.

A Decade Later, .NET Developers Still Fear Being 'Silverlighted' by Microsoft

Some 10 years after the final Microsoft Silverlight release, some developers still fear being "Silverlighted," or seeing a development product in which they have invested heavily be abandoned by Microsoft.

So Why Doesn't Microsoft Provide Its Own Blazor Component Library?

Did you ever wonder why Microsoft doesn't provide a component library for Blazor, like Angular and others do?

.NET 6 Preview 7: New Features Done, but Templates with Top-Level Statements Stir Debate

"Is there a config option for this available or do you force this on all of us?"

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GitHub Copilot AI Improved, Offered as API: 'A Taste of the Future'

"It will become possible to do more and more sophisticated things with your software just by telling it what to do."

New JavaScript/TypeScript Projects Lead Web-Dev Tweaks in VS 2022 Preview 3

Web developers might be especially interested in the new Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 release, which introduces new JavaScript/TypeScript project types, integration with ASP.NET Core APIs, Hot Reload improvements and more.

VS Code Python Tool Revamps Jupyter Notebooks Experience

The August 2021 release of the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code completes a revamp of the Jupyter Notebooks experience that was started more than a year ago.

VS Code 1.59: Jupyter Notebooks Go (Partly) Native, Live Preview Improved

The dev team for Visual Studio Code improved Jupyter Notebook functionality and much else in the regular monthly update to the wildly popular, open source-based, cross-platform code editor.

Windows Community Toolkit 7.1: MVVM Source Generators, Identity Authentication, ML APIs

A bevy of new features and enhancements debut in a preview of the upcoming Windows Community Toolkit 7.1 release, a collection of helpers, extensions and custom controls that simplify and demonstrate common developer tasks building UWP and .NET apps for Windows 10.

Microsoft Plans .NET Community Toolkit

As the .NET development ecosystem evolves and consolidates with .NET 6's new and updated components, Microsoft is revamping associated toolkits.

Stack Overflow: Old .NET Framework Usage Still Beats 'Most Loved' .NET Core/.NET 5

The big annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey reveals some curious data points, like .NET Core/.NET 5 being the "most loved" non-web dev framework even though the old .NET Framework that it's replacing is still being used more.

JavaScript Debugging Now Built-In to VS Code

Extensions like the Chrome Debugger or the Microsoft Edge Debugger are no longer needed.

FSF Calls for Papers on 'Unacceptable and Unjust' GitHub Copilot

After triggering existential angst among developers, the new 'AI pair programmer' has the Free Software Foundation calling for white papers to address legal and philosophical questions.

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Hot Reload Now Works with C++ Apps, with Blazor WebAssembly Support On Tap

Microsoft is touting a raft of improvements to .NET Hot Reload functionality introduced in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2.

EF Core 6 Dev Team Plays Catch-Up with EF6

In announcing the sixth preview release of EF Core 6.0, Microsoft noted the dev team for the open source, cross-platform data development framework is still playing catch-up with EF6, the traditional object-relational mapping (ORM) framework formerly tied to the Windows-only .NET Framework.

Microsoft Replaces Xamarin Toolkits with New .NET MAUI Alternatives

As Xamarin.Forms morphs into the new .NET MAUI offering, Microsoft is replacing Xamarin toolkits with .NET MAUI alternatives.

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