Azure Java Jockeys Get OpenAI Playground

Microsoft's dev team for Java on Azure tooling announced support for the Azure OpenAI Service and associated Playground, enabling new AI-based scenarios based on advanced tech from Microsoft partner OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT.

What's New in EF Core

Jim Wooley takes 20 minutes to discuss Table Splitting, Owned Types, Query Filters, DbContext pooling, GroupBy, String Interpolation, Lazy loading, Value Converters, Data Seeding, Query types, Optimized correlated subqueries, Spatial support, Query Tags and more.

'Azure AI Content Safety' Service Targets Developer Online Environments

In this case, "safety" doesn't refer to cybersecurity concerns, but rather unsafe images and text that AI developers in the Azure cloud might run across in various content categories and languages.

Oracle Offers Java Language Server Tool for VS Code

Oracle announced a language server tool for Java developers using Visual Studio Code to provide language-specific "smarts" in the super-popular, open source-based, cross-platform code editor.

C# Overtaking Java in Popularity Index

"If the trends remain this way, C# will surpass Java in about 2 month's time."

'Dev Drive' Storage Now Available for Developers in Windows 11

Microsoft’s Dev Drive is a new form of storage volume designed to improve performance for key developer workloads.

OpenSilver 2.0 Weds VB.NET with XAML for Web Apps

"For the first time, developers can use VB.NET and XAML to build web applications," exclaimed Giovanni Albani, CEO of Userware, in announcing the general availability of OpenSilver 2.0.

OpenAI-Specific Code Nixed from Semantic Kernel AI SDK

Microsoft shipped the first beta of its Semantic Kernel SDK for AI development, in the process making it service-agnostic by removing OpenAI-specific code.

Visual Studio 2022 17.8 Preview 3 Adds Update Notification

Microsoft focused on improving stability and reliability while also introducing a few new features in the just-released Visual Studio 2022 17.8 Preview 3.

What's New in Final Release Candidates for .NET 8, .NET MAUI, ASP.NET Core and EF8

Everything will ship at the Nov. 14-16 .NET Conf 2023 event.

VS Code Update Improves Testing with GitHub Copilot AI

Microsoft improved testing with the GitHub Copilot Chat extension for Visual Studio Code as part of the regular monthly update to the super-popular code editor.

New .NET MAUI Docs Detail How to Migrate from Xamarin.Forms

Standing for .NET Multi-platform App UI, .NET MAUI has been described by the company as the "evolution of Xamarin.Forms" with said evolution including the ability to create desktop apps in addition to the traditional mobile targets of Xamarin, iOS and Android.

C# Dev Kit Goes GA with Same Licensing as Visual Studio Community Edition

Microsoft announced the general availability of its C# Dev Kit, a Visual Studio Code extension that adds functionality missing in an existing C# tool -- functionality that comes with for-pay licensing for organizations.

How AI Boosts Microsoft's Low-Code Power Platform

Microsoft detailed how a Copilot AI assistant and other advanced tech serves to bolster its low-code Power Platform, which includes components to help "ordinary business users" or "citizen developers" create applications, web sites and more.

Syncfusion Update Improves Cross-Platform Development with .NET MAUI, Blazor

Third-party dev toolmaker Syncfusion updated its flagship .NET-based offering with new functionality for cross-platform development.

Visual Studio 'Tea & Technology' Video Miniseries Starts Next Week

The goal of the miniseries is to provide an insider's snapshot look at some of the people who contribute to shaping the Visual Studio IDE every day.

Microsoft Releases OpenJDK 21 Build for Java Jockeys

Microsoft today announced its "Microsoft Build of OpenJDK 21," taking advantage of new features and functionality in Java 21.

'Dev Home' Update Leads Developer Goodies in AI-Powered Windows 11 Update

Along with today's new AI-powered Windows 11 update come new goodies for developers, including a new edition of Dev Home, a preview offering described as a "control center" providing coding-focused features and functionality.

Community Dev Gives VS Code Python Some YAPF

The latest update to Python in Visual Studio Code includes a new extension for Python formatting that was contributed by a member of the open source community.

Devs Demand Visual Studio 2022 Ditch Old .NET Framework Dependencies

Developers commenting on a Microsoft post about performance improvements in the upcoming .NET 8 demanded the company end Visual Studio 2022's dependency on the old .NET Framework.

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