Azure Developer CLI in Public Preview

A developer-oriented, get-started-on-Azure command-line tool from Microsoft is in a public preview.

Why No Full SQL Server Reporting/Integration Services in Visual Studio 2022?

Visual Studio 2022 has been out for some eight months now, but it still lacks full support for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), a top feature request.

Java on Visual Studio Code Fixes Lombok Library Issues

The big news in the July 2022 update to Microsoft's Java on Visual Studio Code extensions is that they all now fully support the Lombok library.

Teams Dev Kit Advances in Visual Studio 2022 v17.3 Preview 3

In addition to the Microsoft Teams Development Tools (Teams Toolkit) improvements, it has IEnumerable debugger visualizer enhancements, a C++ LLVM tools update and more.

Microsoft Calls Entity Framework Core 7 Preview 6 the 'Performance Edition'

"Performance is always high on our priorities in EF Core," Microsoft said in announcing the new Entity Framework Core 7 Preview 6 release, which the company dubbed the "performance edition."

Infragistics Improves Low-Code App Builder

Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 has shipped with improvements to the low-code App Builder component that was introduced early this year.

.NET 7 Preview 6 Adds JSON Contract Customization

The sixth preview of .NET 7 improves type converter functionality, updates System.Formats.Tar APIs, adds constraints to .NET template authoring, boosts CodeGen performance and allows for JSON contract customization.

Custom Blazor Elements No Longer Experimental in .NET 7 Preview 6

Once created, these custom elements -- a custom counter, for example -- can also be used in other single-page application (SPA) web frameworks such as React and Angular.

VS Code and Python: A Natural Fit for Data Science

Exploring the special relationship among VS Code, Python and data science, which has resulted in nearly 158 million installs of related Microsoft dev tools and numerous No. 1 rankings in various surveys.

AWS Streamlines .NET App Deployment with Visual Studio Tool

Amazon Web Services has made it easier to deploy .NET applications to its cloud platform via its Visual Studio toolkit or the .NET CLI (command-line interface).

Easier Jupyter Notebook Setup for Python in VS Code Tooling

In the regular monthly update to Python tooling for Visual Studio Code, Microsoft announced an improved setup experience for Jupyter notebooks, along with new inlay type hints for the Pylance language server.

As VS Code Hits v1.69, Microsoft Announces VS Code Server

This week, along with announcing the regular monthly update to Visual Studio Code (now at v1.69), Microsoft added a surprise: a private preview of VS Code Server, serving up the backend functionality that allows the editor to be run remotely or in a browser.

Azure Java Tooling Has New IntelliJ 'Getting Started' Experience

A new "getting started" experience for Java on Azure dev tooling promises to have IntelliJ jockeys up and running with their first deployment within a few minutes.

Another Open Source Group Blasts GitHub Copilot, Advocates Leaving GitHub

"Launching a for-profit product that disrespects the FOSS community in the way Copilot does simply makes the weight of GitHub's bad behavior too much to bear."

Java on Visual Studio Code Furthers Big Spring Boot Push

Dev team improves functionality of Spring Boot dashboard, gives it separate view.


Uno Platform Does WebAssembly Threading Months Ahead of .NET 7

Uno Platform has beaten Microsoft to the punch when it comes to multi-threading in WebAssembly, the tech behind Microsoft's client-side Blazor web-dev framework.

TypeScript Vaults Ahead of Java to Crack Stack Overflow Top 5

Microsoft's TypeScript programming language over the past few years has been steadily climbing the popularity rankings in Stack Overflow's huge annual developer survey, this year knocking off Java to crack the top five.

Visual Studio 2022 Preview Allows Code Editing in Search Results

In the latest Visual Studio 2022 preview, developers can edit source code from within All-In-One Search results.

VMware Launches Tanzu Toolkit for Visual Studio

VMware announced a new Visual Studio toolkit for working with Kubernetes clusters, containers, microservices and other cloud-native tech in its Tanzu line of products.

Blazor Posts Biggest Gain in WebAssembly Usage: Report

Rust rules among programming languages used for WebAssembly projects, but Blazor (C#) is coming on strong.

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