AI-Powered 'Data Wrangler' VS Code Tool Eases Prep Work for Data Scientists

A new tool that can generate code is being previewed in the Visual Studio Code Insiders channel seeks to ease the tedious data preparation process that data scientists need to go through to get good data for successful analysis projects.


Microsoft Open Sources Tool for GPT-4-Infused Apps

Microsoft has open sourced an internal incubation project that can help developers integrate cutting-edge AI models quickly and easily into their apps.

AI Is Taking Over the 'Low-Code/No-Code' Dev Space, Including Microsoft Power Apps

Power Platform "is reinventing software development with AI-powered no-code development."

Visual Studio Ditches Edge Developer Tools

There are a raft of minor improvements for the brand-new Visual Studio 2022 v17.6 Preview 2, with accompanying release notes revealing that the IDE is ditching the baked-in Edge Developer Tools

.NET 8 Preview 2: QuickGrid, WebAssembly Boost for Blazor

Blazor QuickGrid is "built to be a simple and convenient way to display your data, while still providing powerful features like sorting, filtering, paging and virtualization."

Wrangling Codex, Getting Paid for Prompt Engineering and 'New Bing' Epic Fail

Prompt engineering has recently become popularized with the advent of cutting-edge generative AI constructs based on the GPT-3 series of large language models (LLMs) created by Microsoft partner OpenAI.

Hands-On with Profiles: 'One of the All-Time Most Requested VS Code Features'

In announcing the latest Visual Studio Code update last week, Microsoft said the new profiles functionality was one of the all-time most-requested Visual Studio Code features, allowing for unique configurations for different projects and workspaces.

ChatGPT in Preview on Azure OpenAI Service

ChatGPT, the hottest tech in the industry, is now available in the Azure OpenAI Service as a preview, Microsoft announced today, March 9.

ChatGPT Demos for Blazor and Other Projects with New API for 'Turbo' Model

Following new API access from ChatGPT creator OpenAI, new projects are springing up demonstrating how to use the AI-supercharged chatbot in Blazor and other projects, with at least one Blazor demo using the brand-new "turbo" model.

Software Engineering Report Ranks TypeScript Among Top Skills to Learn/Know

TypeScript ranked fourth on the survey-based report when respondents were asked "What are the top 3 skills software engineers should learn/know right now in your opinion?"

Python: VS Code Update, Why It's So Popular (& Famous Easter Egg)

Python, the dominant language for VS Code developers, just received a new update, along with a GitHub post that explains its popularity while also detailing how to enact an easter egg "inside joke" with a bit of code.

VS Code Update Boosts Python IntelliSense

Microsoft's latest update to the opens-source-based Visual Studio Code editor features a raft of minor improvements, including improved IntelliSense for the popular Pylance language server for Python coding.

Visual Studio Devs Love New Brace Pair Colorization in v17.6 Preview 1

"It's just been difficult to get prioritized."

Generative AI VS Code Tool Now Does Unit Testing

"Our new unit test generation capability uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate unit tests for your code automatically."

Visual Studio IntelliCode Preview Offers Instant API Code Examples

The first preview of Visual Studio 2022 17.6 boosts GitHub integration and also sees AI-assisted IntelliCode instantly offering up real-world API code examples -- no more context switching required.

Microsoft Launches 'One-Stop-Shop' for Stack Overflow Questions on Azure Development

"We appreciate that the developer community is getting value out of Stack Overflow and the content that has already been created by hundreds of thousands of developers."


Microsoft Ships Visual Studio 2022 17.5, Touting AI-Powered Intent-Based Suggestions

With AI all the rage these days in the development space and elsewhere, Microsoft touted new machine-learning-powered intent-based suggestions in this week's release of Visual Studio 2022 17.5.

GrapeCity Report Tooling Brings Web Designer to Blazor

Development toolmaker GrapeCity's recent ActiveReports. NET v17 release "brings the Web Designer to the Blazor framework."

.NET 8 Preview 1: Native AOT Upgrade and the New 'Blazor United'

Microsoft shipped the first preview of .NET 8, for which the company touted polishing of native Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation, and, on the web-dev side, the new Blazor United project that melds mix-and-match server-side and client-side rendering functionality.

Devs Cite Problems with GitHub Copilot and IntelliSense Working Together

Developers continue to claim -- as they have for years -- that the "AI pair programmer" GitHub Copilot tool doesn't work well with IntelliSense, which is built in to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

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