VS Code Gets a 'Most Heavily Requested Feature' for Python

The regular monthly update for Python in Visual Studio Code sees the dev team adding "one of our most heavily requested features," a new rename factoring experience.

GrapeCity ComponentOne 2021 v3 Supports .NET 6, VS 2022 and WinUI

Development toolmaker GrapeCity issued the year's final update to its ComponentOne toolkit of UI controls, adding new features for Microsoft's new .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 milestone releases.

New in Visual Studio Code v1.63: Theme Previewing, Notebook Improvements, More

The regular monthly update to Visual Studio Code (November 2021 edition, v1.63) lets developers preview themes before using them, improves notebook functionality and provides a new Java welcome experience, along with much more.

GitHub Previews Improved Code Search: 'Way More than grep'

GitHub is inviting developers to take part in a technology preview of improved code search, which it describes as "way more than grep," the Linux command-line search utility.

VS Code News Roundup: Notebook APIs, Codebase Mapping, Infrastructure as Code

Here's a look at recent news surrounding what has been called the No. 1 development tool in the world: Visual Studio Code.

VS Code Snippets Leads Recent Open Source GA Announcements

GitHub's "Release Radar" for November shows a Visual Studio Code snippets project leading a raft of open source offerings that reached general availability in November.

C# Language Server Revamps VS 2022 Razor Editor for ASP.NET Core

Microsoft is touting new capabilities in ASP.NET Core web development in Visual Studio 2022 thanks to a new Razor editor powered by a Razor Language Server.

Windows Forms Lives On in .NET 6

Windows Forms would like you to know that the reports of its death are greatly exaggerated.

Uno Platform 4.0 Adds Visual Studio Code Plugin

Uno Platform 4.0 is out, highlighted by a new extension for working in Microsoft's Visual Studio Code editor.

.NET 6 Support Leads New GA Features in Azure Functions Fall Update

Microsoft announced several new features that are now generally available in the fall update of Azure Functions, used for event-driven serverless computing in the cloud.

Teams Toolkit 3.0 Boosts Multiple Developer Collaboration

Microsoft's Teams Toolkit 3.0 has debuted with several new features, including better multiple developer collaboration and improved multi-environment management.

Microsoft Offers Windows ML Samples Gallery

Microsoft has created a Windows ML Samples Gallery of interactive projects to showcase Windows machine learning functionality in both managed and native scenarios.

New Lightweight JetBrains Editor Draws VS Code Comparisons

Software development tooling vendor JetBrains debuted a new lightweight code editor that can act like a full-fledged IDE, immediately drawing comparisons to Microsoft's Visual Studio Code.

WinUI 3 Team Asked About Delayed Open Source Plans: 'What Happened?'

A developer asked Microsoft's WinUI 3 dev team about delayed open source plans for the nearly two-year-old project that serves as the company's next-gen UI library for creating Windows apps.

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New Azure AI VMs Immediately Claim Top500 Supercomputer Rankings

Visual Studio coders who dabble in artificial intelligence projects can now take advantage of new Azure virtual machines (VMs) featuring 80 GB NVIDIA GPUs that immediately claimed four spots on the TOP500 supercomputers list, Microsoft said.

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Auto Completions Speed Up in Java on Visual Studio Code

Java jockeys using Microsoft's Visual Studio Code editor will see faster code completions thanks to a new language server.

New Toolkit for Writing Visual Studio Extensions (And Where to Find Extensions)

Microsoft details a new Extensibility Essentials toolkit for VS 2022 and explains where to find your favorite tools.

New TypeScript 4.5 Improves Asynchronous Programming

TypeScript 4.5 has shipped with a new <code>Awaited</code> type and <code>Promise</code> improvements for enhancing asynchronous programming in Microsoft's popular take on JavaScript that adds statically checked types.

TypeScript Surge Flatlines in New GitHub Octoverse Report

Last year's sprawling GitHub Octoverse report saw Microsoft's TypeScript programming language rise to No. 4 in the popularity ranking -- one step above C# -- after starting out at No. 10 in 2017.

Windows App SDK ('Project Reunion') Hits Version 1.0

Microsoft's Windows App SDK 1.0 Stable release is live, unifying access to Windows APIs for desktop Windows 10/11 apps in a new scheme that was formerly called "Project Reunion."

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