Project Reunion Preview: Because 'Windows Development Is Hard'

In an expansive effort to point its developer tooling at everything from the cloud to mobile to web to IoT to gaming to whatever, Microsoft may have neglected one obvious target: Windows. So here is Project Reunion, bridging Win32 and UWP.

As .NET Core 2.1 Support Nears End, Microsoft Previews .NET Upgrade Assistant

Microsoft recently warned developers that .NET Core 2.1 won't be supported after Aug. 21, after previewing a new .NET Upgrade Assistant.

New in Visual Studio F# Tooling: .NET 5 Scripting and F# Interactive

F# Interactive can run F# code interactively at the console, or execute F# scripts: " In other words, F# interactive executes a REPL (Read, Evaluate, Print Loop) for the F# language."

TypeScript Handbook Revamped as Primary Learning Resource

"We want the handbook to feel like the first recommendation you give for learning TypeScript."

Microsoft's Surface Duo Dev Team Courts Flutter Coders

Microsoft is helping Google provide support for foldable devices -- specifically the Surface Duo -- in Flutter apps.

VS Code Now Has Apple Silicon Builds for Native Mac Development

Goodbye Rosetta, hello M1. Visual Studio Code has been updated with new builds that let it run natively on machines with Apple Silicon (M1), the company's own ARM64 chips.

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac v8.9 Ships with .NET 6 Preview 1 Support

During its Ignite 2021 online event for IT pros and developers this week, Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2019 for Mac v8.9, arriving with out-of-the-box support for .NET 6 Preview 1, which the company also released recently.

Analyst: TypeScript Now Firmly in Top 10 Echelon (Ruby, Not So Much)

RedMonk analyst Stephen O'Grady believes TypeScript has achieved the rare feat of firmly ensconcing itself into the top 10 echelon of his ranking, now questioning how high it might go.

Microsoft Ships Visual Studio 2019 v16.9 Servicing Baseline Release

Microsoft is urging enterprises and professional coders to standardize on the new Visual Studio 2019 v16.9, a servicing baseline release that's guaranteed to receive official support for an extended period.

Microsoft Extends Low-Code Push with Power Fx Programming Language

"Using formulas that are already familiar to hundreds of millions of users, Power Fx allows a broad range of people to bring skills they already know to low code solutions."

Microsoft's Tools to Fight Solorigate Attack Are Now Open Source

Microsoft open sourced homegrown tools it used to check its systems for code related to the recent massive breach of supply chains that the company has named Solorigate.

Microsoft's Lander on Blazor Desktop: 'I Don't See a Grand Unified App Model in the Future'

For all of the talk of unifying the disparate ecosystem of Microsoft-centric developer tooling -- using one framework for apps of all types on all platforms -- Blazor Desktop is not the answer. There isn't one.

Firm Automates Legacy Web Forms-to-ASP.NET Core Conversions

Migration technology uses the Angular web framework and Progress Kendo UI user interface elements to convert ASP.NET Web Forms client code to HTML and CSS, with application business logic converted automatically to ASP.NET Core.

New TypeScript 4.2 Tweaks Include Project Explainer

Microsoft shipped TypeScript 4.2 -- the regular quarterly update to the open source programming language that improves JavaScript with static types -- with a host of tweaks including a way to explain why files are included in a project.

What's Top-Paying .NET Skill, In-Demand Language?

New tech reports reveal the top-paying .NET skills and most in-demand programming languages in the Microsoft-centric developer landscape.

Microsoft's Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) Debuts for Microservices

Dapr is now production ready in version 1.0, easing microservices development on-premises, on the edge or in the cloud by abstracting away distributed computing hassles.

What's New in EF Core 6.0 Preview 1

The Entity Framework Core 6 dev team shipped Preview 1 this week, headed toward a debut with the larger, unifying .NET 6 umbrella platform in November.

ASP.NET Core Starts Path to Hot Reload, AoT Compilation, Blazor Desktop, More

The first preview of .NET 6 arrived with grand plans for ASP.NET Core -- the web-dev component -- including much-requested features like hot reload, ahead-of-time (AoT) compilation and the beginnings of Blazor hybrid desktop projects.

VS Code Improves ML Model Training with Python

Using Python in Visual Studio Code for machine learning model training and experimentation is easier in the February 2021 update to the tool that fosters Python programming in Microsoft's popular, open source, cross-platform code editor.

First .NET 6 Preview Introduces Blazor Desktop

Microsoft shipped the first preview of .NET 6, expected to debut in November as the culmination of a years-long effort to provide an open source, cross-platform framework for all things .NET in one unifying umbrella offering.

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