New VS Code Tool: StarCoderEx (AI Code Generator)

StarCoder, a new open-access large language model (LLM) for code generation from ServiceNow and Hugging Face, is now available for Visual Studio Code, positioned as an alternative to GitHub Copilot.

Visual Studio Code v1.78 (April 2023) Sees New Color Themes, Color Picker

Visual Studio Code v1.78 (April 2023 update) is out with a host of minor improvements, including two that involve colors.

.NET Upgrade Assistant Now Works with .NET MAUI, Azure Functions

Microsoft added .NET MAUI and Azure Functions support to its .NET Upgrade Assistant, which helps developers upgrade any .NET application to the latest version of .NET from right inside the Visual Studio 2022 IDE.

Microsoft Open Sources 'Copilot Chat' Sample App for Customized Chatbots

Microsoft open sourced a Copilot Chat sample app that organizations can use as a blueprint for their own customized chatbots based on advanced generative AI tech.

Deborah Kurata's Favorite 'New-ish' C# Feature: Pattern Matching

We often hear about the big new features in .NET or C#. But what about all of those lesser-known but useful new features like collection indices and ranges, date features, pattern matching and records?

Visual Studio IntelliCode AI Assistant Gets Deep Learning Upgrade

Microsoft has improved the code-completion capabilities of Visual Studio's AI-powered development feature, IntelliCode, with a neural network approach.

Copilot Tech Shines at Build 2023 As Microsoft Morphs into an AI Company

Developers are in for an AI treat of all the information and guidance they can consume at Microsoft's big developer conference kicking off in Seattle on May 23.

Microsoft Researchers Tackle Low-Code LLMs

Microsoft researchers published a paper on low-code large language models (LLMs) that could be used for machine learning projects such as ChatGPT, the sentient-sounding chatbot from OpenAI.

Contributing to Windows Community Toolkit Now Easier

Microsoft's ongoing revamp of the Windows Community Toolkit (WCT) is providing multiple benefits, including making it easier for developer to contribute to the project, which is a collection of helpers, extensions and custom controls for building UWP and .NET apps for Windows.

Open Source Codeium Challenges GitHub Copilot, Strips Out Non-Permissive GPL Code

"We at Codeium have removed GPL licensed code from our training data, guaranteeing peace of mind to our users."

Semantic Kernel (AI LLM Integration) Gets VS Code Tools, Python Support

It helps developers infuse advanced AI technology into their apps, including wildly popular generative AI systems like ChatGPT and GPT-4 from Microsoft partner OpenAI.

Server-Side Blazor Component Rendering ('Blazor United') Comes to .NET 8

"This is the beginnings of the Blazor unification effort to enable using Blazor components for all your web UI needs, client-side and server-side."

GrapeCity Release Boosts WinForms, WPF Components

Offering .NET UI controls for mobile, web and desktop development, the release is available in a free trial.

.NET MAUI Team Stamps Out Memory Leaks, Tweaks NuGet Packaging

Released last week, .NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform App UI) in .NET 8 Preview 3 mostly continues the effort to improve the quality of UI controls, layout and memory management, Microsoft said.

Microsoft Intros Native AOT for ASP.NET Core

In the new .NET 8 Preview 3, Microsoft introduced initial support for native Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation in the framework's web-dev component, ASP.NET Core.

Avalonia .NET UI Framework Picks Up Steam as Milestone Release Nears

A large, engaged community of open source developers is awaiting a milestone release of Avalonia, a cross-platform UI framework for .NET that boasts more than 2.2 million installs.

Microsoft Previews VS Code Copilot Advancements, Promises More

In-editor chat and a Chat view are available in a waitlisted technical preview.

Microsoft Pushes Open Source 'Semantic Kernel' for AI LLM-Backed Apps

Since recently introducing the open source Semantic Kernel to help developers use AI large language models (LLMs) in their apps, Microsoft has been busy improving it, publishing new guidance on how to use it and touting its capabilities.

Uno Platform 4.8 Intros Startup Wizard

Responding to user requests for a more seamless startup experience, Uno Platform 4.8 introduces a new App Template wizard to do just that.

New for Devs in SQL Server 2022: Ledger for Blockchain-Backed Security

The new ledger feature in SQL Server 2022 provides blockchain-based security to ensure data isn't tampered with.

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