VS Code's Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Improves Chat UI, Explains Rust Code

In Visual Studio Code 1.85, the dev team has improved the GitHub Copilot "AI pair programmer" in several ways, including tweaking the chat UI and providing more support for the Rust programming language.

Microsoft's 'Semantic Kernel' AI SDK Ships as Release Candidate

After Microsoft's Semantic Kernel SDK for AI projects was set for a revamp upon the company finding "unexpected uses," it has this week shipped in near-final form as a Release Candidate 1.

Microsoft Explores a 'Reboot of Compute' in Cloud with WebAssembly

WebAssembly made Microsoft's Blazor framework possible by enabling C#-based web development, and now the company wants it to completely remake cloud computing.

Java on Azure Team Focuses on OpenAI Chat Playground for AI Experimentation

Microsoft's sweeping infusion of advanced AI tech throughout its dev tooling continues apace, most recently providing a new focus point for the company's Java on Azure team.

Native Rust in Visual Studio Is Top Dev Request, but Progress Slow

The top open item for Visual Studio on Microsoft's Developer Community feedback site asks for native Rust support, but the company has taken little action on the years-old request.

Copilot AI Takes Over Git Commits in Visual Studio 2022

Add "submit Git commit" to the growing list of developer tasks in Visual Studio 2022 that are now being handled by AI.


ML.NET 3.0 Boosts Deep Learning, Data Processing for .NET-Based AI Apps

Microsoft shipped ML.NET 3.0, enhancing deep learning and data processing scenarios in the company's machine language framework that lets devs create AI-infused apps completely within the .NET ecosystem.

What's New in TypeScript 5.3

Microsoft advanced TypeScript to version 5.3 with a bevy of changes affecting everything from import attributes to interactive inlay hints for types, along with multiple optimizations.

Finally Go Eyes On with Upcoming Visual Studio 2022 UI Refresh

Six months ago, Microsoft teased Visual Studio 2022 developers by announcing an upcoming UI refresh, which they can now finally get their eyes on in the new v17.9 preview 1.

GitHub Copilot Leads Productivity Gains in New Visual Studio 2022 17.8

In announcing Visual Studio 2022 17.8 today, Microsoft emphasized community-driven productivity gains among the new features and functionality.

Microsoft Ships .NET 8

In announcing .NET 8 today, Microsoft emphasized the cloud, performance, full-stack Blazor, AI and .NET MAUI as major highlights of the latest edition of the company's free, cross-platform, open source developer platform.

dtSearch Enhances ASP.NET Core Functionality

Enterprise search specialist dtSearch enhanced ASP.NET Core functionality in the latest update to its flagship product.

GitHub Copilot Chat Nears GA: 'Today We Are Re-Founded on Copilot'

GitHub announced its "Copilot Chat" offering will reach general availability next month as the company goes all in on AI.

What's New in Microsoft's F# Language for Functional-First Programming

C# and TypeScript get a lot more attention, but Microsoft has also been steadily working to improve its F# programming language.

Microsoft Revamping Semantic Kernel AI SDK After 'Unexpected Uses'

Microsoft switched gears on its plan for the initial release of its Semantic Kernel SDK for AI development after finding its API was being used in unexpected ways.

VS Code Previews AI Topic Experts for Copilot Chat Called 'Agents'

The GitHub Copilot "AI pair programmer" in Visual Studio Code is getting new functionality, including artificial topic experts called "Agents" who can help answer Chat questions with their specialized knowledge.

Uno Platform 5.0: C# Is Now All You Need

Uno Platform 5.0 shipped this week with the ability to create entire cross-platform applications -- including markup -- from a single codebase written in one language, C#.

VS Code Python Team Improves Interactive REPL

Microsoft's dev team for Python in Visual Studio Code updated its tooling to improve working with the language's interactive Read-Eval-Print Loop functionality.

Microsoft Offers Advisory Service for Arm Developers

To serve a quickly expanding Arm ecosystem, Microsoft has launched an Arm Advisory Service to help developers create Arm-optimized apps.

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Microsoft on Blazor WebAssembly Debugging Feedback: 'That Sounds Awful!'

Microsoft's Daniel Roth took to X (Twitter) to garner feedback on Blazor WebAssembly client-side debugging and received an earful in response, including complaints about associated Hot Reload functionality.

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