OpenAI's New GPT-4o Immediately Available in Azure Playground

OpenAI's new GPT-4o, the company's latest/greatest LLM, is immediately available for Azure developers, Microsoft announced today.

C# Dev Kit Update Helps Wrangle NuGet Packages and More in VS Code

Microsoft's C# Dev Kit extension for Visual Studio Code has been updated to more easily wrangle NuGet packages, run/debug .NET Aspire applications, see the active document in Solution Explorer and acquire the .NET SDK within the editor.

.NET MAUI Community Tookit Update Adds TouchBehavior

A new feature in the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit allows developers to interact with any visual element in an app based on touch, mouse clicks and hover events.

What's New for Copilot AI in Visual Studio Code Update

The latest update to Visual Studio Code includes a number of new features and improvements for GitHub Copilot AI, including inline chat in the terminal.

Specialized Coding Copilots? Microsoft Talks 'Copilot for Infrastructure as Code'

Just as the initial influx of do-everything large language models (LLMs) have been advancing along with smaller and more specialized AI constructs, the same could happen to Microsoft's coding-specific GitHub Copilot.

OpenSilver 2.2 Aims to Revive Visual Studio LightSwitch Legacy Apps

OpenSilver 2.2 debuted today with a focus on helping developers revive Visual Studio LightSwitch legacy applications

Natural Language Coding Advances with Technical Preview of GitHub Copilot Workspace

The original "AI pair programmer" GitHub Copilot got a big boost in capabilities with the introduction of the companion Chat tool that allows developers to use natural language to code and interact with advanced AI in new ways.

Oh Data! Microsoft Ships First Major OData Update in Nearly 8 Years

Microsoft today shipped a preview of OData .NET 8. OData v7.0 was released in August of 2016.

Full Stack Hands-On Development with .NET

In the fast-paced realm of modern software development, proficiency across a full stack of technologies is not just beneficial, it's essential. Microsoft has an entire stack of open source development components in its .NET platform (formerly known as .NET Core) that can be used to build an end-to-end set of applications.

.NET-Centric Uno Platform Debuts 'Single Project' for 9 Targets

"We've reduced the complexity of project files and eliminated the need for explicit NuGet package references, separate project libraries, or 'shared' projects."

AI for GitHub Collaboration? Maybe Not So Much

No doubt GitHub Copilot has been a boon for developers, but AI might not be the best tool for collaboration, according to developers weighing in on a recent social media post from the GitHub team.

Visual Studio 2022 Getting VS Code 'Command Palette' Equivalent

As any Visual Studio Code user knows, the editor's command palette is a powerful tool for getting things done quickly, without having to navigate through menus and dialogs. Now, we learn how an equivalent is coming for Microsoft's flagship Visual Studio IDE, invoked by the same familiar <code>Ctrl+Shift+P</code> keyboard shortcut.

.NET 9 Preview 3: 'I've Been Waiting 9 Years for This API!'

Microsoft's third preview of .NET 9 sees a lot of minor tweaks and fixes with no earth-shaking new functionality, but little things can be important to individual developers.

What's New for Python, Java in Visual Studio Code

Microsoft announced March 2024 updates to its Python and Java extensions for Visual Studio Code, the open source-based, cross-platform code editor that has repeatedly been named the No. 1 tool in major development surveys.

Microsoft Build 2024 Sessions Listed: Copilots, Copilots & More Copilots

Microsoft today announced the session catalog for its Build developer conference next month in Seattle, with AI unsurprisingly dominating the event.

Microsoft Unifying Copilot Tools in Visual Studio 2022

Next month developers will no longer need to install two different extensions to use GitHub Copilot and Copilot Chat in Visual Studio 2022, as Microsoft is combining the two tools into a single package.

Copilot Chat Expands in Visual Studio Code

The Copilot chat feature now includes inline chat improvements, one in preview, along with commit message generation enhancements and workspace creation improvements.

Microsoft Azure Experts On Tap for Chicago Developer Conference Keynotes

On its Developer Blogs site Microsoft today extended an invitation to join company experts at an upcoming developer conference exploring the latest .NET Microsoft Platform developments.

It's a 'Go' for Microsoft Azure Developers

Microsoft continually seeks to embrace programming languages beyond its own C#, TypeScript and F# and so on, lately boosting support for Go, the popular language developed by Google.

GitHub Copilot AI Boosts App Security with Autofix: 'Found Means Fixed'

Now in beta for top-tier GitHub customers is "code scanning autofix" used to mitigate security vulnerabilities in code.

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