Windows Community Toolkit Now Works with Project Reunion 0.5 (but No UWP)

Microsoft's claim that its recently released Project Reunion 0.5 for unified Windows desktop development would soon see support by third-party sources that provide "ecosystem technologies," including the .NET Foundation's Windows Community Toolkit (WCT), is ringing true.

New Open Source Index: VS Code Is No. 1 Code Editor

Confirming many other studies, trackers and surveys, a new open source project tracker lists Microsoft's Visual Studio Code as the top code editor, clocking in at No. 11 on the list of most popular and fastest-growing GitHub projects.

Azure Named Cloud Functions Leader, but Knocked for Plan Requirements

A new analyst report on serverless cloud-native app development names Microsoft Azure as one of three leaders, touting its "developer experience game" but knocking the platform for putting key enterprise features in advanced plans.

Eclipse Foundation Takes Over Visual Studio Marketplace Alternative

The Eclipse Foundation has taken over the Open VSX Registry, described as a vendor-neutral alternative to Microsoft's Visual Studio Marketplace site that includes thousands of extensions for the company's open source, cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor.

Tooling Vendors Immediately Support Project Reunion 0.5

Some organizations are already supporting the milestone release, designed to simplify Windows desktop development, with "ecosystem technologies." Here's an update on what's out there now and what's coming.

Project Reunion 0.5 Ships with WinUI 3 Desktop Dev Tooling

Microsoft shipped a production-ready Project Reunion 0.5, which for the first time contains tooling for WinUI 3 desktop applications that are forward-compatible with future releases.

Microsoft Details 9 Desktop Dev Options, from WPF to Blazor

For .NET coders targeting Windows, the choices boil down to more traditional XAML-based solutions or newer options based on web tech.

After Lagging .NET 5 Support, What's Next for Azure Functions?

Microsoft this month announced its Azure Functions -- for serverless cloud computing -- now supports .NET 5, a November 2020 umbrella offering that followed the .NET Core series of open source, cross-platform releases, which supplanted the old .NET Framework.

React Native Windows Team 'Dogfoods' New Update

Microsoft highlights work done to support React Native 0.64, for using JavaScript and React library for Windows 10 devices.

AWS Previews Deployment Tool for .NET Web Apps, Blazor WebAssembly

Amazon Web Services announced a developer preview to ease the process of deploying .NET web apps on the cloud platform, which has become more complex with the advent of tech like Docker and serverless joining the ever-growing .NET ecosystem.

Azure SDK: Mixed Reality and Event Grid Client Libraries for .NET Go GA

The latest update to the Azure SDK adds Mixed Reality and Event Grid client libraries for .NET to the cloud platform's dev tooling, along with Java Azure Core library and other features.

New in .NET: ML.NET/Model Builder Updates, PeachPie 1.0, Xamarin Performance Monitoring

Updates to Microsoft's AI/ML tooling highlight recent developments in the .NET dev world, which include PeachPie 1.0 (PHP in .NET) and new performance monitoring support for Xamarin.

.NET 5 Blazor Powers 'Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock' Game

A Microsoft project demonstrates a .NET 5 Blazor upgrade by powering a digital variation of the old Rock, Paper, Scissors hand game.

Python in VS Code Improves Jedi Language Server Support

Visual Studio Code developers who subscribe to Insiders builds of Microsoft's Python extension now have access to improved support for the Jedi language server, which provides specific "smarts" for the language.

Survey Finds Slow EF Core Adoption, Surprising Dev Team

Microsoft's data dev team recently shipped Entity Framework Core 6.0 Preview 2, which comes a couple months after a survey surprised them with indications many developers are sticking with tech that can be more than 10 years old.

Windows Community Toolkit Gets .NET Standard MVVM Library

A new .NET Standard Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) library heads the list of new features in the Windows Community Toolkit, which just shipped in version v7.0.

VS Code Java Gets New Welcome Page with Features Tour

Microsoft's Java on Visual Studio Code dev team added a new experimental welcome page that presents a tour of important features for using the popular code editor with the popular programming language.

.NET 6 Preview 2 Boosts Razor/Blazor in ASP.NET Core

Razor and Blazor received some dev attention in the second preview of Microsoft's .NET 6 landmark release, coming in November to wrap up formerly disparate .NET components into one cross-platform, open source framework for just about any kind of application.

Microsoft's WinUI Wed with Uno Platform for Cross-Platform Apps

Microsoft and Uno Platform have teamed up to highlight the cross-platform app development capabilities of their respective dev tooling offerings.

.NET 6 Preview 2 Adds MAUI, Apple Silicon

The second preview of Microsoft's game-changing .NET 6 release is out, adding support for Apple Silicon chips along with an early implementation of .NET MAUI, an evolution of the Xamarin.Forms mobile-centric framework that adds desktop app support.

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