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GitHub Copilot AI Spawns Open Source Alternatives

After this summer's debut of the "AI pair programmer," some open source alternatives have been offered, and existing tools have been thrown into the mix as other options.

Visual Studio 2022 Themes Revamped with Tool to Convert VS Code Themes

Microsoft announced a theme revamp for the upcoming Visual Studio 2022, involving a partnership with popular VS Code theme creators who together with the company are testing a new Theme Converter tool that makes VS Code themes work in the flagship IDE.

Progress Telerik Adds New Controls for Blazor, .NET MAUI, Desktop

The new R3 2021 release of Progress Telerik developer tooling for .NET developers is out with new controls for Blazor, .NET MAUI (evolution of Xamarin.Forms) and desktop offerings including WinUI, WPF and WinForms.

Blazor Developers Can Now Create Custom Elements, Render Components from JavaScript

Microsoft's Blazor web-dev tech received a raft of improvements in the new .NET 6 Release Candidate 1, including the ability to create custom elements, render components from JavaScript and even generate Angular and React components.

.NET MAUI 'Slips the Schedule,' Won't Ship with .NET 6 in November

Microsoft said its .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) framework for client app development wont ship with .NET 6 in November as planned, but rather sometime in the second quarter of next year.

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4: Hot Reload Expands, Speed Improvements

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 is out with more Hot Reload functionality, multiple performance improvements, debugging enhancements and more.

.NET 6 Release Candidate 1 Ships

Microsoft shipped the first of two Release Candidate versions of .NET 6, set to debut in November as a consolidation of all the disparate .NET dev tooling components under one cross-platform, open source umbrella offering.

Server-Side Language Usage: ASP.NET Trails PHP (by a Lot!)

Of course, ASP.NET isn't a programming language, and some question whether PHP even fits the bill.

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New Open Source ONNX Runtime Web Does Machine Learning Modeling in Browser

"It is challenging to make native AI applications portable to multiple platforms given the variations in programming languages and deployment environments."

Microsoft Open Sources .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server

Microsoft has open sourced a .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server, allowing developers to work with relational data in the company's flagship programming language.

New Community Toolkit Leads Extension Writing Revamp for Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft is revamping the extension writing experience for the upcoming Visual Studio 2022 in several ways, including a new extension GitHub repo, Language Server Protocol functionality, an out-of-process extensibility model and a new Visual Studio Community Toolkit.

Microsoft Pushes Java for Azure Development

"We use more Java than one can imagine."

Challenge to VS Code Python? JetBrains Tests Data Science IDE

In what might be seen as a challenge to the super-popular combination of Visual Studio Code and its Python extension, JetBrains is testing its own IDE for data scientists called DataSpell.

Python in VS Code Does Browser-Based Editing via '' Trick

"You can enjoy the performant editing experience of Pylance in the browser via"

VS Code Uses ML to Detect Programming Language, Set Mode

Visual Studio Code is now using machine learning to detect what programming language is being used in a pasted-in file and then automatically set the appropriate mode.

What UWP Deprecation? Community Celebrates Innovative Apps in Launch 2021 Contest

For all the talk of the deprecation of Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform, it still thrives in places, including the UWP Community, which just announced the winners of its Launch 2021 event that celebrates UWP apps and their development.

What's in New Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2022?

Microsoft unveiled a suite of extensions designed to improve developer productivity and efficiency in the upcoming Visual Studio 2022 release.

Preview of .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Heralds Xamarin.Forms Sunsetting

As promised, Microsoft is previewing a .NET MAUI Community Toolkit some two months before it begins to sunset its progenitor, Xamarin.Forms, long used for mobile iOS and Android app development with C# and XAML.

One-Click VS Code in Browser from GitHub Repo ('How Did I Not Know This?')

Hundreds of developers expressed amazement at a new preview feature introduced this month by GitHub: the ability to instantly open up Visual Studio Code in a browser in order to edit the source code found in any repository.

Developers Say 'No' to Tips & Tricks Help in Visual Studio 2022

"The last thing we want is for devs to be distracted or frustrated and if people don't find this helpful, we won't continue it."

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