GitHub Copilot for Azure Gets Preview Glitches

This reporter, recently accepted to preview GitHub Copilot for Azure, has thus far found the tool to be, well, glitchy.

New .NET 9 Templates for Blazor Hybrid, .NET MAUI

Microsoft's fifth preview of .NET 9 nods at AI development while also introducing new templates for some of the more popular project types, including Blazor Hybrid and .NET MAUI.

.NET MAUI in VS Code Goes GA

Visual Studio Code's .NET MAUI workload, which evolves the former Xamarin.Forms mobile-centric framework by adding support for creating desktop applications, has reached general availability.

Visual Studio Devs Quick to Sound Off on Automatic Updates: 'Please No'

A five-year-old Visual Studio feature request for automatic IDE updates is finally getting enacted by Microsoft amid a lot of initial developer pushback, seemingly misplaced.

First Official OpenAI Library for .NET Goes Beta

Although it seems Microsoft and OpenAI have been deeply intertwined partners for a long time, they are only now getting around to releasing an official OpenAI library for .NET developers, joining existing community libraries.

VS Code Insiders Get Copilot Chat AI-Enhanced Extensions in Latest Update

Developers using the "Insiders" build of the latest Visual Studio Code update, version 1.90, can now enjoy enhanced chat AI functionality in extensions.

Microsoft Teases Discounts for August Dev Conference at Redmond HQ

Microsoft is offering a special discount for Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise subscribers wishing to attend a developer conference being held in August at the company's Redmond, Wash., headquarters.

Java Devs in VS Code Can Now Ask Copilot for Syntax Rewrites

Count among the many emerging abilities of GitHub Copilot new functionality for rewriting your Java syntax in Visual Studio Code.

XAML Hot Reload Comes to .NET MAUI in VS Code

XAML Hot Reload for .NET MAUI has been available for Visual Studio for a while, but now it's finally come to the IDE's open-source-based, cross-platform little cousin, Visual Studio Code.

Microsoft Axing VBScript in Favor of JavaScript/PowerShell: Here's the Timeline

Microsoft is deprecating VBScript in favor of "more advanced" alternatives like JavaScript and PowerShell in a three-phase plan that looks like it will wrap up shortly after 2027 or so.

Progress Telerik .NET Dev Tools Integrate Gen AI Prompts

Progress shipped an update to its Telerik .NET-centric dev tools suite that facilitates generative AI integration into apps.

What's New for Web, Data, Desktop and Mobile in .NET 9 Preview 4

Enhancements listed for libraries/runtime and individual components/workloads for .NET 9, coming in November.

Semantic Kernel AI SDK Advances to GA in Java and Python

Microsoft announced the general availability of Semantic Kernel for Python and Java, advancing the open source AI integration SDK that is a key component of the company's Copilot stack of AI tools.

Devs Can Now Sign Up for Private Preview of GitHub Copilot for Azure

During this week's Build 2024 developer conference, Microsoft announced a private preview of GitHub Copilot for Azure, which lets developers use the AI pair programming tool in the cloud.

.NET Aspire Cloud Dev Tool Debuts in Visual Studio 2022 v17.10

During this week's Build 2024 developer conference, Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2022 v17.10, the latest update to its flagship IDE that improves Copilot AI assistance and debuts the new .NET Aspire tool for cloud development.

Visual Studio 2022 v17.11 Preview 1 Targets 'Quality-of-Life' Features

Who doesn't want a better quality of life? Visual Studio 2022 v17.11 Preview 1 is here to help, at least for developers using Microsoft's flagship IDE.

Private Preview of GitHub Copilot Extensions Customizes AI Coding Assistance

GitHub introduced Copilot Extensions, providing customized AI assistance by integrating tools from partners like DataStax, Docker and Microsoft Azure directly into the Copilot interface.

AI Toolkit for Visual Studio Code Debuts at Build 2024

Tying in to the newly generally available Azure AI Studio, it enables developers to explore, try, fine-tune and integrate state-of-the-art AI models into applications.

Azure AI Studio Now Generally Available, Sporting New Models Both Big and Small

Part of Microsoft's overall copilot AI assistant initiative, it's described as a pro-code environment for customizing and configuring generative AI applications with Azure-grade security, privacy and compliance.

When an Outage Keeps You from Reporting Said Outage: GitHub Addresses Vexing Problem

GitHub addressed vexing outages, including recent days-long email delivery problems that had developers raging on social media, blasting the popular Microsoft-owned code repository for not being able to log in to their accounts -- or report the problem.

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