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Accelerate Apps With Velocity Reporting

Learn to set up and change durations in a supply-chain application that's both metadata- and template-driven.

Inform Users With Customized Visual Feedback

Add and customize visual cues on your AJAX-enabled Web pages with the UpdateProgress control and PageRequestManager class.

Partial-Page Updates With the UpdatePanel

Add partial-page update capabilities to your ASP.NET Web pages.

Whip WPF Snippets Into Shape

Learn how to work around some ugly behavior in WPF when relying on the provided code snippets; change the output of provided WPF snippets; resolve dependency issues in Windows Workflow; and more.

Reduce Lines of Code With C# 3.0

You already know what those new features in C# 3.0 are doing because you do these same things in C# 2.0. Learn how C# 3.0 can reduce coding lines and improve readability by walking through a reverse migration.

Reflecting on Generics

Determine whether an existing variable is a generic type and whether you have to use reflection in particular cases; create irregularly shaped forms; and enable remoting with single-instance applications.

Give Your Users a Voice

.NET 3.0 introduces several new features that simplify utilizing speech in your applications.

Write Robust Exception-Handling Code

Thrown exceptions break the normal flow of execution in a program to report error conditions. A few simple techniques can help you preserve execution flow and give users and administrators the information they need to understand what went wrong.

Build a Custom Data-Bound Generator

Learn how to write custom data-bound generator.

Configure ASP.NET AJAX Extensions

Explore ASP.NET AJAX configuration sections in web.config, and learn how handlers and modules fit into the overall picture.

Getting Started With AJAX

Discover the concepts behind AJAX and why using it in your ASP.NET development is advantageous.

Use Enums Across Assembly Boundaries

Call a combo box across assembly boundaries with generics and enums; add contact information with Assembly Information; and drill down on FxCop spelling rules.

Update Local Data Caches with Sync Services

The Microsoft Synchronization Services 1.0 API for SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition and the new Sync Designer in the Orcas March 2007 CTP team up to generate a local data cache that synchronizes incrementally and bidirectionally with SQL Server Express.

Build a Custom Data-Bound Generator

Learn how to write custom data-bound generator.

Remember User Settings

VB's My.Settings class makes it easy for you to remember user-preferred settings; also, what a quirky result in VB's debug window reveals about how its compiler and the .NET runtime work together.

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