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Understanding Silverlight's CreateObject and CreateObjectEx Methods

Dan walks you through the properties and sample code for each, plus why you might want to use one over the other.


Listing 5. This procedure demonstrates a technique for combining an Insert statement and an Update statement into a single stored procedure.

Beat SharePoint Into Shape

Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 simplify the process of incorporating SharePoint into your Visual Studio applications.

Getting Started with Silverlight

Dan starts a new series of columns on Silverlight 1.0 by walking you through the fundamentals.

Express Your Designs Clearly

Your code is the expression of your design intent -- make sure you communicate clearly.

Using Microsoft's Silverlight Control in a Web Site

Dan Wahlin walks you through the steps and code for creating a Silverlight application from scratch.

WPF Goes to Work

Windows Presentation Foundation has been greatly underserved by Microsoft’s emphasis on glitz and glamour; learn how to take advantage of WPF in your everyday Windows business apps.

Simplify Background Threads

It requires a lot of plumbing to create, manage, and communicate with background threads. The System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker class already contains the functionality you need to follow best practices.


Use the declarative programming model to enable type-safe data access in ADO.NET.

Serialize Data to the Clipboard

Learn how to copy all the custom data formats in objects to the clipboard and determine which ones are appropriate when you paste.

Creating and Consuming ASP.NET AJAX Page Methods

Using Page Methods when adding the ScriptService attribute is overkill for a single page -- find out how to add the functionality directly using AJAX.

Returning Complex Types from AJAX-Enabled Web Services

Dan Wahlin walks you through exactly how to return any object that contains sub-objects exposed through properties.

Return XML from AJAX-Enabled Web Services

Dan walks you through using the ScriptMethod Attribute.

Write Code for a Multithreaded World

Multithreaded programming is difficult because context switches can happen any time. Here are a few techniques to mitigate the chance of failure.

Implement Expandable Menus

Learn how to create expandable menus such as you find in Office; handle mouse up/down events properly; and create a custom toolstrip button.

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