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Adding WCF Services to Silverlight

Explore the nuances of using WCF Services with Silverlight, and learn troubleshooting tips for working with Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.

Digging Deeper into Silverlight and MEF

Silverlight applications based on the Managed Extensibility Framework and generalized user interfaces don't require hand coding every screen.

The QueryExtender

Extend runtime sorting and filtering of data with ASP.NET 4's QueryExtender, which provides a single interface for DataSources.

Deleting with jQuery and Web Services

Peter continues to extend his jQuery/jTemplate case study by supporting deletes of multiple rows with a single mouse click.

Updating From the Client with jQuery

Peter continues to exploit jQuery in his client-side code to integrate an ASP.NET page with a WCF service -- this time to support updating data.

Defining Templates with jTemplate

A combination of client-side code, WCF services, and jQuery lets you retrieve data from your sever and display it to the user using Web Services and client-side code.

Mastering Silverlight

Silverlight offers impressive talents and more than a few frustrations. From customizing your application UI to battling obscure bugs and error messages, this column helps with the transition to Silverlight tools.

Integrating jQuery, Web Services, AJAX and ASP.NET

The jQuery library makes it easier to create applications that execute in the browser. By leveraging existing ASP.NET technologies and merging them with jQuery, you can create faster, more responsive applications.

The Azure Factor

How factoring out common patterns in your Azure worker roles can improve development.

Threading and the UI

ON VB: Four ways to synchronize threads with your app's user interface.

Unit Testing with VSTS2008 (Part 3)

The last in a series of articles on working with VSTS2008 shows how to make existing unit tests data driven.

Unit Testing with VSTS2008 (Part 2)

Mickey shows some other unit testing options, and how to enable code coverage, in Visual Studio Team System 2008

Unit Testing With VSTS2008

Mickey shows you a basic example of unit testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008. Part 1 of 3.

Eliminate Database Dependencies in Test-Driven Development

How to avoid the end-to-end integration test problem with the Repository pattern.

Looking Ahead to C# 4.0: Optional and Named Parameters

Optional and named parameters were added to the C# language for COM and Office interoperability, but these features are actually useful in a variety of ways.

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