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Transfer Files Over the Internet

Use FTP or HTTP POST to transfer files over the Internet with .NET. Also learn how to secure a database Connection string.

Build an RSS Generator Component

Learn how to create an RSS feed for publishing data to subscriber apps. You can use the handy RssGen sample component as a starting point for your own data feed generator.

Simplify Site Updates With Templates

Use a template to create a consistent look and feel for a Web site that doesn't require the end user who updates the site to be a programmer himself.

Use DataSets as Business Objects

Enhance the DataSet class with inheritance and extend its associated XML schema to hook validation checks and custom validation routines into DataSets declaratively.

Secure Your Directory-Enabled Apps

Find out how Active Directory Application Mode and Windows Authorization Manager can simplify security, personalization, and configuration for your directory-enabled applications.

Q&A: Use Word's Spell Checker in .NET

Use Word's spell check from within your .NET application.

Serialize Arrays and ArrayLists to XML

The XmlSerializer class provides a great way to convert objects to XML and back. However, it can be difficult to serialize collections such as Arrays and ArrayLists properly unless you know a few tricks.

Display Label Controls Vertically

Take advantage of the GDI+ graphics library to change the orientation of the label controls in an application; also, use Word's spell check from within your .NET application.

Get a Grip on Longhorn

The upcoming Windows version's refactored API and new graphics-presentation model, storage subsystem, and messaging services will bring development opportunities -- and challenges.

Build a Simple File Watch App

Learn new features to jazz up your WinForms apps with this month's handy FileWatch utility. FileWatch monitors files and directories for changes, and runs as a task tray icon.

Manage SharePoint Lists

Use the Lists Web service and CAML to update Windows SharePoint Services' MSDE database.

Build a Longhorn App

Longhorn includes significant changes that will affect developers, from how it handles graphics to how it stores data. Learn how to create a simple Longhorn app.

WinForms Gain Ground in Whidbey

New controls, enhanced data binding, and improvements to existing controls make WinForms programming with VS.NET's upcoming version easier and more versatile.

XML Advances on B2B Front

Version 2 of the .NET Framework introduces XML-to-relational data mapping, support for XQuery, and typed APIs. Find out why these changes are great news for B2B app development.

Write .NET Code in SQL Server

You can use VB.NET or C# to write procedural code and create user-defined types and aggregates in SQL Server.

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