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Design Reusable Custom Controls

Build custom controls that can inherit from existing .NET controls, add custom properties to inherited controls, and support reuse in any app that needs them.

Build a SharePoint Web Part

Create a customizable Suntimes calculator using the free, built-in SharePoint functionality that lets users supply their own data to a custom Web Part.

Build Printable ASP.NET Pages

Provide printing capabilities in your ASP.NET apps using server-side controls and JavaScript automation, or by using VS.NET add-in tools such as Crystal Reports.

Build Effective Speech Apps

Use Microsoft Speech Server 2004 and its new Speech Applications SDK to improve the user experience in your speech apps.

Master VS.NET's Dynamic Properties

Set up applications to configure at run time using the VS.NET Dynamic Properties functionality-and even add some tricks the .NET Framework doesn't support yet.

Build Your Own App Settings Class

Learn how to create your own application settings class by leveraging the FileInfo, HashTable, XMLReader, and XMLWriter classes.

Choose the Right Tab Control

ASP.NET's Repeater, DataList, and DataGrid controls display data in a tabular format with various features. Learn which control is the best fit for your app.

Build a Better UI

Use the OwnerDraw capabilities of the Microsoft Windows GDI+ to add gradient colors to controls and ListBox items, add rounded edges to controls, and manage the size and color of ListBox items.

Overcome Limitations With TabControl

Learn how to customize TabControl components. The author shows you how to fix shortcut keys on TabControl and hide and show TabControl pages.

Program Mobile Devices

Use the .NET Compact Framework to write an application for sending SMS messages on Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PCs.

Build Real-Time Web Images

Use Microsoft's TerraService and MapPoint Web Services to start your own VS.NET-based mapping projects.

Put Custom Property Editors on the Map

Use PropertyGrid to edit complex data structures by adding custom user interface editors.

Track Changes With XML DataSets

Track changes in files using XML datasets with the DiffGram format. This format lets you track what has changed, and what hasn't.

Access the Power of VB.NET From C#

C# now provides many of the features VB developers have enjoyed for years. Learn how to plug the rest of VB's power into your C# apps.

XML and Web Services: Are We Secure Yet?

From confidentiality, integrity, and availability to authentication, authorization, and audit, find out how you can employ best practices to make Web services secure.

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